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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are People Really Injured By Vaccinations?

 As I talk with parents on the subject of vaccination, I often hear the "I've never heard of a child getting hurt by a vaccine" argument. When in fact, beyond maybe a "sever" Chickenpox case or maybe a bad bought with Flu, most people have never heard of a child being injured by the illnesses either... In either case, it does happen. But in our society, there is NO reason for a child (or an adult) to sustain sever damage or injury due to illness. ALL the illnesses/infections we vaccinate against are treatable. Some of them - like Polio* - rarely even require treatment!

So that brings us to the question of "Do vaccines actually harm people?" Most doctors will tell you "No" or my favorite "There's really no risk for your child, it only happens to unhealthy children." (Which is what a local Pediatrician told me.) But if you spend 5 minutes researching this subject, you'll find out that's simply not true! According to the CDC, mild vaccine reactions are as common as 1 in 6, with reactions labeled as "sever" occurring in approximately 1 in 100.  Now, while you may look at 1 in 100 and think - That's only 1%, the chances really are slim. Think about this... That 1 in 100 is NOT 1 in 100 individuals, it's 1 in 100 injections! The average fully vaccinated child can receive as many as 25 injections by age 2!  Simple math says that means that nearly everyone who receives a vaccine is in fact at risk of having one of those "sever" reactions, and is generally guaranteed to encounter a "mild" reaction.

There is NO GOVERNMENT RESEARCH showing how many or who may encounter long term immune system damage, prolonged damage or illness, brain damage or even death! There IS however, a great deal of research done by non-governmental entities which show the numbers to be MUCH higher than any Big Pharma mouth piece Doctor will ever admit!

Fortunately for us, although unfortunate for the victims, the internet has given us the power to discover the actual individuals who have been injured or even killed by vaccines! I wish I could say these cases don't exist... But until Big Pharma actually does the research they should have done in the beginning. And until society starts to understand that Big Pharma is in this for the money and not for the health of society, cases like these will continue to happen!

If you think these stories are rare and this can't happen to your child, think again! EVERY child that is given a vaccine is at risk of ending up injured or killed! 

Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate!
You can ALWAYS vaccinate later, but you can NOT remove damage done!
If you have ANY question about the safety, possible risks of vaccines or about the illnesses themselves, research BEFORE you make a choice that you can't take back!

*Up to 95% of all polio infections are inapparent or asymptomatic. Most common symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. And will fully recover without any medical treatment! - CDC Pinkbook, Polio

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