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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Witches and Your Basic Everyday Stage Magician...

One question I tend to get a good bit is "Are Witches really real?" And my simple answer is YES, We are! As a practicing witch for some time, I can say without doubt that yes, witches are really real. But really, what is a witch? What makes one person a witch and another person just a stage magician?

Well, first off, a stage magician requires nothing besides some slight of hand tricks that anyone can master through some basic "magic" books. There isn't any real magic involved...  Real witches work with natural energies to change the world around them

So, here's the thing...  Magick, what is it? Because when it all boils down to it, that's the big difference isn't it? Well, Magick is the art of using energy to alter the world around us. For witches this is done by using your energy and focusing it on your goals...  All things in this world have energy - Animal, Plant or Mineral - all energy! So, by focusing our energy we are able to affect the energy of other things in our world...  And thus, create change. That, ladies & gentlemen, is real magick! It's not illusion...  It's change in it's most basic form.  All in all, it's that simple. Witches use nature and the natural energies therein to create the change they seek...

So, is Magick dangerous? No, magick of and in itself, is far from dangerous. However, like all other forms of energy when misused, it CAN be dangerous. Electricity is not only a great benefit to our world today, but to our every day lives, but when channeled for the wrong proposes can be deadly. Magick, like every other action in our lives has consequences, and although I'll get in to the subjects of Karma, Three Fold Law and The Law of Attraction later, the basic idea is when magick is used for the wrong reasons, you will get the "wrong" results in the end... So always make sure you are using your energy for the good of all involved and make sure to "Harm None!"

Originally posted on my blog "One Witch's Wonderland" on Tuesday, May 27, 2010
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