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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What are the Gods?

The following post comes directly from my personal Book of Shadows. It's extremely important that I stress this though - THIS POST ONLY EXPRESSES MY BELIEFS!

Please don't read this and attempt to define the beliefs of others.  That said, I hope this provides a peak into my beliefs.

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What are the Gods?
The greatest of all beings, the Gods reside on the Highest Levels of the Spiritual Realm. There are two levels of Gods, Great and Lesser. Both exist solely on the Spiritual Level and both rule over all on the Levels below their own. There are, however, some key differences between the two...

The Great God & Goddess 
The Great God and Goddess are the highest of the high, the omniscient and omnipotent parents of all creation within the Mental, Astral, Ethereal and Physical realms. It is the Great God & Goddess who are honored in re-enactments of the Great Rite and are the only pure beings in existence.

Through the years they have had many titles, Great Mother &God the Father, Divine Mother & Father, and in more recent years they've taken the titles of Mother Earth and Father Time. Their names are, and always will be, beyond the ability of humanity. Their energy is indefinitely intertwined with all of creation, that small spark of the divine, within everything.

Existing beyond all time and space, the Great God & Goddess are not alone. They are members of an ever existing race of beings who rule over all the universes in all the galaxies in all the heavens. They have existed since before all else, and will continue on long after the death of all.

While the concept of perfection is subjective, if it exists, it is the Great God and Goddess who would define it.

The Lesser Gods
The Lesser Gods are the direct lineage of the Great God & Goddess. Unlike their pure and eternal parents however, their sole purpose is to create or “rule” within our universe and no other. It is the Lesser Gods and Goddesses whom make up the Pantheons of all the Religions of all the World's civilizations and peoples. It is the Lesser Gods who directly deal with ruling over creation, evolution and all the beings who exist within the lower realms.

Each pantheon has been designed to directly work with the peoples whom worshiped them. As the peoples of Earth have evolved and mixed, the lines between pantheons have blurred creating an environment where Gods of differing Pantheons are often working side by side for the best of their adherents. In the Christian faith they have taken the role not only of God, but also of the Saints.

It is important to remember that the Lesser Gods are NOT limited to the Pantheons of old and have continued to grow in numbers through time, producing new and, at times, more relevant Gods & Goddesses for today's society.

The Lesser Gods are not the all knowing, all powerful, constantly present Gods that they are often portrayed as. They lack the claim to perfection and purity that the Great God & Goddess hold as well. And due to these imperfections they do fall prey to their own emotions, whims and agendas from time to time. However, they form tight bonds and relationships with those who seek a connection with them.

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