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Friday, October 26, 2012

Serial Killer Earth?!?

This History Channel is one of my absolute favorite channels! If it were up to me there would be a whole lot more television options like this. One of the shows which I am somewhat in love with is "Serial Killer Earth." But I have to say, the more I watch it, the more I find the ideas and opinions of the people to be rather disturbing. Even the title of the show itself really gives the wrong impression. Now, I realize it's just for dramatic effect, but I feel the effect is taken to literally.

A serial killer is someone who purposefully harms others simply to fulfill their own personal needs. In no way is that what our Earth does. In some of these interviews individuals are using terms like "Evil" and "Demonic" when describing our dear Mother Earth. These are definitely accurate terms when talking about a killer, but not so much about our Earth. The fact is, Earth is NOT a serial killer... Yes, she takes thousands of lives a year, but if we take a good look at these losses, it's rare that they are purely the fault of our Earth.

Instead of blaming Earth, we should be looking at these tragedies - and they ARE tragedies - as learning experiences. We look at ourselves as if we are rulers of Earth. We take her for granted and assume that we have control. We destroy nature in order to "progress" and we actually think that we have the authority to do so. While there ARE those times when random people get caught in random events, they are the VAST MINORITY!

If someone were to break in to your home, threaten your family and start to destroy your possessions, you would lash out and do your best to remove the threat. You would NOT be a killer, even if you ended that person's life. Instead you would be seen as a hero. Someone who stood up to a great danger to protect what was yours. Chances are you'd make the news and papers and be shown as someone to be emulated - an example that everyone can hope to live up to. Well, the fact is, that's all our Earth does when she crushes buildings with an earthquake or sweeps away entire towns in a flood.

Our Earth is NOT evil, she's not out to get anyone. Instead, she's attempting to protect herself.  We have taken everything from her that can be taken. We have drained her oil, strip mined her mountains and hill sides, torn down her forests, filled in her lakes, ponds, swamps and wet lands, and attempted to build ourselves metal and stone monuments to progress that touch the heavens... It's our "progress" which puts us in the most danger. Our homes built on top of fault lines, our cities built in Hurricane and Tornadoes zones and our towns built in flood plains are repeatedly taken down and torn apart at the hands of Mother Nature. And we, as these supposedly all knowing and powerful beings are all but happy to be blind to our own faults, instead blaming the Earth herself for the price we pay.

All to easy we forget that without out Earth we would not have anything - not even life. She gives us everything we need - life, food, shelter, clean air and water - it is WE who have taken these gifts and distorted them beyond all recognition. Our Earth is our Mother, she should be cared for, not abused. While there will always be random occurrences, the fact is, if we start remembering all that we own our Earth and treating her with the love and respect she deserves, much of what we see as "Earth's Wrath" would be non-existent. Regardless of what the code of "progress" states, the Earth is NOT ours to use and abuse, she is our lifeline. While this show pushes home just how destructive she can be, it should also be pushing the fact that we are much of the cause for that destruction and that we CAN change things.

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