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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's not apples you smell!

When I was younger, it seems like a life time ago, I always coated myself in fragrance sprays. A few years ago, I started to learn about the dangers of common cosmetics and fragrance sprays and haven't worn them since! There are times I miss it, I LOVED my Ed Hardy Perfume! But since I have quit using these products - as well as other chemically created personal products - I have noticed a HUGE change in my health! Definitely the right choice!

Want to know what's in YOUR favorite fragrance?  Look it up on the Environmental Working Group's "Skindeep" cosmetics data base and find out... http://www.SkinDeep.org

**I claim NO ownership to the graphic used. It was obtained from Facebook, creator information has been included to abide by all fair use laws!

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