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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hand Sanitizer Dangers and Alternatives

I am, as usual, the odd man out when it comes to my children. Not that I mind though, as usual, I'm also the only one doing my homework and learning the dangers of things that most parents simply assume are "just fine for kids." At the start of each school year I send my children's teachers a note requesting that they attempt (I know mistakes get made and don't fault them for those times) to keep the Hand Sanitizers away from my children.

If at all possible children should be washing their hands with soap and water - of course I would prefer they didn't use the chemically filled soaps that the school has either - but that's something I simply can't change. But what I can do is at least ask that unless they are going to be eating and have no access to soap and water, that they simply skip the sanitizer with my kids. I have, so far, simply gotten return notes saying "Thanks for letting me know I'll do my best" and haven't had any issues - although frankly I'm not sure they are listening either.

All that said, people often wonder WHY I am so Anti-Sanitizer. I mean, it does seem like a simple thing - hands get dirty, kids have germs, sanitizer helps keep that dirty and germs at bay and keeps us healthy, right?!?  Well, yes, and no...

While sanitizer DOES kill germs and help to tackle some of the bacteria and dirty that our kids face each day, it also smothers their hands with potentially dangerous chemicals. It I had to choose between my children being exposed to the flu or chemicals which could potentially give them cancer, I'm gonna pick the flu every time!

Hand sanitizer is usually a staple in most schoolrooms these days - and just about everywhere else. I even know a few adults who use the stuff like it's going out of style. But the fact is, there are dangers, and most people simply don't know about them... There are, however, "chemical free" or "homemade" versions which are much better choices!

Below you'll find links for information on the dangers as well as how to make healthy versions! Enjoy!

Good Works Wellness: Why You Should Never Use Hand Sanitizer: The Dangers of Triclosan

Your Health Updates: Hand Sanitizers Are A Health Risk

BabyCenter: Hand Sanitizers are Stupid and Possibly Dangerous!

Crunchy Betty: Homemade Hand Sanitizer

CleanWell: Thyme Based Organic Hand Sanitizers and Personal Cleaning Products! All Kid Safe!

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