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Friday, August 17, 2012

eBay is Banning Magick?

This is NOT something I had planned to blog on. It's something I THOUGHT was rather cut and dry and something I am SHOCKED to see so many people fight! But, since just today, I've seen 3 different petitions trying to stop eBay from instituting this new rule, it's something I just can't ignore.

So, here's the deal. eBay has revised their list of things which are and aren't allowed to be sold on their site. Among those items which will no longer be allowed to be sold are - Tarot (and similar) Readings, Spells, Potions and "Readings."  What they ARE continuing to allow to be sold is ANYTHING physical!

eBay has, for years, been a place where anyone - Pagan or not - could post an auction promising to preform Magick for Love, Job or just about any other cause for the Winner of the Auction. And since the first of such auctions has been listed, people have been using these auctions to RIP OFF the winners by simply NOT doing anything once they collect their payment. And let's be honest, is there anyway to PROVE that someone didn't do a spell and get your money back? NOPE! So eBay has been forced to become the middle man between fraudulent "sellers" and disgruntled "buyers" who feel they haven't got what they paid for.

Now, does this mean that EVERY ad for a spell was fraudulent? Of course not. I know of a few very credible Witches on there who sold their services as a promotional tool. BUT, the fact is, most were not. And even those who were or are, can't actually PROVE that they are providing the services legitimately. Even things like "readings" could simply be a universal copy & paste letter that was written and sent out to everyone who wins an auction of this kind. Again, it's impossibly to prove that something is actually done or not.

They are NOT stopping sales on any physical items! Not at all! This is NOT an attack on the Pagan community! And it's NOT a violation of anyone's Religious Rights. So when you hear or read that, do yourself a favor and stop reading, cause it's crap!

The Pagan community should be PROUD of eBay for this move, not displeased! Why? Because all of these numerous supposed "Witches" and "Pagans" and other sellers of these fake spells, readings and such are only furthering the bad publicity which the Pagan community faces. There is enough propaganda and rumor out there about Pagans, the last thing we need is eBay sales which seem to back these things up. If there were a physical shop which was ripping off customers and claiming to be a professional Witch or Pagan shop, NO ONE would be supporting them. BUT, when eBay acts to protect themselves from these unscrupulous sellers the entire community starts screaming and hollering about persecution... People, the first rule of Wicca (and more other Pagan beliefs) is to cause NO HARM, this includes protecting people from being ripped off in the name of Witchcraft. Are there a small percentage of these auctions which are real and who's listers will now loose some cash from time to time? Yes, and that is unfortunate. However, since the vast majority are NOT legitimate, supporting the removal of these categories from eBay's auctions only protects the community as a whole.

It's to bad eBay can't just forbade the fake listings, but as we all know, criminals don't listen to the rules in the first place, that isn't going to work!

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