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Friday, August 10, 2012

BOS Table of Content

I've shared this on my "One Witch's Wonderland" facebook page and in a few groups on other sites. But for those of you who don't follow me there I thought it would be helpful to post it here.

Recently I decided to revamp and "clean up" my Book of Shadows. Doing so, I created a "Table of Content" to help keep me organized long term. I know this can seem very daunting task for many, which is why I'm sharing. When I started doing mine, I tried to find some examples of set up and couldn't find ANY. So hopefully, this will help some of you, since there weren't any to help me!

Title Page

Table Of Content 

Book Blessing

Chapter 1 ~ Personal
~Daily Life
~Personal Ethics
~Personal Beliefs & Information

Chapter 2 ~ Metaphysics

Chapter 3 ~ History

Chapter 4 ~ Mythology

Chapter 5 ~ Magickal Beings

Chapter 6 ~ Symbology
~ Alphabets

Chapter 7 ~ Tools

Chapter 8 ~ Magickal Correspondences & Associations

Chapter 9 ~ Sabbats

Chapter 10 ~ Esbats

Chapter 11 ~ Body, Mind & Spirit
~ Meditation
~ Chakra
~ Grounding & Centering
~ Spirit Guides
~ Ancestor Contact
~ Astral Projection
~ Auras
~ Other

Chapter 12 ~ Witchcraft
~ Candle Magick
~ Ritual Magick

Chapter 13 ~ Natural Witchery
~ Herbs
~ Stones, Gems & Crystals
~ Animals
~ Natural Waters

Chapter 14 ~ Kitchen Witchery
~ Tools
~ Recipes

Chapter 15 ~ Rituals for Life

Chapter 16 ~ Divination

Chapter 17 ~ Words of Power
~ Spells & Chants
~ Prayers & Blessings

Chapter 18 ~ Magickal Recipes
~ Oils & Incense
~ Potions
~ Powders

Chapter 19 ~ Personal Records

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