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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breastfeeding & Nudity...

I am a HUGE supporter of Breastfeeding, personally I don't understand how anyone can call themselves a decent parent and choose to not even attempt to breastfeed. I don't understand the fear or issues mothers have with it accept to assume that they have been taught in some way that it is gross or wrong... Which blows my mind, but I know even doctors used to tell people this crap.

Anyways when you're promoting breast feeding - especially when you say you have no issue doing it at the mall - you always get someone who hits you with the "I don't want to see all that nudity" or something similar. To which I always say "WHAT NUDITY??" I have seen so many women nurse in public I can't count that high, and never once - NOT ONCE - have I seen someone remove their shirt, bra or any other clothing to do so. The ONLY part of the body that's exposed is possibly a small peek at the belly where the shirt is lifted, but there is a baby in front of anything else...

Then today, I log on to Facebook and see not one but TWO pictures of women breastfeeding in the nude. Once woman was actually standing on her head... Really? Come on! This kind of thing really pisses me off! Breastfeeding is something that I don't believe should be hidden, but at the same time it's photos like this, with completely naked women in their yards or other places that makes people make nasty comments about nudity... Then it's the same women who post these pictures that don't understand why people get upset.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that you could NOT see anything in the photo! She was standing on her head and the baby was nursing while standing on the ground and everything else was not visible because of the way she was positioned... There was no nudity, but it's obvious that she was in fact naked... Now how are Breastfeeding advocates - one of which had this picture on their page - supposed to argue with people who have issues with nudity when there are women out there doing insane things like this? Not only does this kind of thing make us all look nuts, it adds one more round of ammunition to the Breast v. Formula battle...

So Good for you, you stupid woman! You reinforced exactly what you meant to tear down!

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