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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Police Rescure Victims From Fiery Crash

When I wake up in the morning I usually turn on the news, this morning was no different. But what is usually a rather depressing way to start my day, with story after story about loss, death and tragedy, one of the stories I watched this morning brought me to tears - in a good way.

I live in a nearly crime free area. In fact they closed our police force a few years ago. What crime there is is the quite kind that takes place behind closed doors. Our small town and the next small town over now share a police force. Unfortunately not all of the police on that force are as noble or trustworthy as one would hope police to be. In the past year we've had one arrested for drugs and another for murder. In past years it's been a trend to see them arrested by the "higher ups." And no one really bats an eye any more when we hear about them beating their wives, being to violent with a perp or getting in bar brawls.

In neighboring areas police are something to be feared. They've allowed their power to go to their head all to often. Accusations and stories of police beating, raping, framing and otherwise abusing the people who depend on them abound. So needless to say I have never had much respect for police. Which as an adult I find rather depressing.

I am a huge fan of police dramas, and while most dramas you see on television will generally have ONE or TWO rogue police per force, the dynamic seems to be much different here in the real world. So I sit dreaming of a day when life could emulate art in this case. This morning however, I watched a video on the news where this was very much the case.  Police played the roll of protectors and saviors for those in need. Watching these men reminded me that while the majority of the Police in my area have "gone bad" that is simply not the case for all. Police like these men deserve to be honored and respected. I only wish they were all this brave!

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