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Friday, September 2, 2011

One Million Moms Against Dancing With The Stars

I am a HUGE fan of Dancing With the Stars. Originally I thought there was no way I could get in to that show, then I watched it, now I'm hooked! I love dancing, always have, and the fact that these people are dancing from nothing is fascinating...

This year they have some good talent, and a few who I have never heard of. However, one contestant, more than any other, has been getting some attention - and not the good kind - or maybe, the good kind, I guess it depends on where you sit on the subject. A group called "One Million Moms" a subgroup of the Christian Hate Group "American Families First" has dedicated much of it's time to try and squash Chas Bono's chances of winning. This however, seems to have blown up in their faces as more and more people have come out in support of Chas and against OMM.

In addition to coming out against Chas Bono, the OMM is also targeting a second celebrity dancer, Carson Kressly. They are blaming ABC for trying to force the LGBT agenda and for "forcing these issues in to the homes of Christians."

Seriously? If you don't like the show, turn the channel! If you don't want your kids to know Chas Bono was born female, don't tell them. And if you really want to change the world why not put the power of "One Million Moms" in to feeding hungry children, stopping human trafficking or child abuse, or any of a million other issues... Focusing on the guests of a celebrity dance show is not only ridiculous, it's only going to work against your cause.

This mornings Good Morning America covered the story and the out pour of support for Chas has been wonderful to see. If anything this fight against the LGBT community only brings out more support...  Which is never a bad thing...

Personally, I plan on voting for JR Martinez cause he's just awesome! But if Kressly or Bono have the spunk, they'll get my votes too... Maybe I'll vote for them just to spite this group of assholes women who aim to spread hate... We'll see.

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