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Friday, August 5, 2011

So I have to sell my car to pay for my BILs porn...

First let me say I'm all about "Do the Crime - Do the Time" kind of thinking. But when did paying the bill become the crime? I am one of these people who honestly never downloads ANYTHING unless I have paid for it and know it's from a company and not some person who could be screwing me with a virus or something. My Brother-In-Law however, not so much. He's a big P2P user. I have said over and over again - STOP DOWNLOADING!!! I hate it! All our computers are on a network together and the last thing I want is some creep bugging our network because he downloaded the wrong thing.

So anyways, he apparently can't enjoy all the free porn that's already online, he had to download some... And low and behold, he violated copyright laws. But it's MY name on the Internet bill... So guess who's being sued. Not him. Not the adult that actually broke the law... But ME. I got a notice yesterday that said I have 20 days to settle the case out of court for $3500, or they are taking me to court for the full $30,000 allowed by law... 

Where the hell am I going to get that kind of money? Seriously! We don't have the cash to pay the Gas bill right now, and now I have to come up with $3500 or face $30,000? So, it looks like we need to sell the car now. Yep, that's right, I'm going to be a full time mom of 3, with no car, and a HUGE hill between me and ANYTHING. Gods only know how I'm going to get Alex to the bus stop when school starts.

Hopefully we can get enough for the car that we can afford to get a little $500 beater that will last til the spring, but I honestly have no clue what the hell we're going to do!

But seriously, how is it even legal to sue me, who didn't break the law, rather than suing the man who actually did it? He even admitted that he did it! Not that he has the money either, but at least then he would be on the hook for it instead of me... Maybe then he would quit doing this... 


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