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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homeless people are people too!

So yesterday I was listening to the radio and the "daily question" on one of the local stations was "How do you handle homeless people asking for money?" The answers I heard made me sick to my stomach! But one in particular made me so angry I had to change the station.

A man called in and said "I work hard for my money and shouldn't have to share it with low life's who can't be bothered to do for themselves." he then went on to tell the story of how he saw a guy with a sign that said "I need beer" so he went and bought the man a 6-pack...  Seriously? People who are starving, cold, wet & sick... They don't deserve your $.50 but some guy begging for alcohol earns a 6-pack? What the hell is wrong with people!

Homeless people aren't all angels, and many of them are there because they made poor choices. BUT, they aren't less than people because they are poor. Sure, there are those who will take your dollar and buy booze or a fix. But who are you to decide that someone doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt? Who are you to decide they aren't going to buy a dollar sandwich? And if you're really so convinced that they are going to do something you don't agree with with your money, go buy them a sandwich or a loaf of bread! Give them something that they can't spend on drugs... but don't just walk away!

People seem to think it's so easy to get off the street and that only bums are there. But in reality any of us can end up on the streets  at nearly any time. Some of the most common reason for homelessness are mental illness, job loss and divorce. Things which can and do happen to anyone!

And getting out of that kind of situation is even harder than preventing it! You can't get off the street til you have an income. You can't have an income til you get a job. You can't get a job til you are off the street & have a valid address... It's not like someone chooses to stay on the street or chooses not to do better for themselves. But the cycle of negativity is ridiculous!

Pittsburgh has about 400 shelter spots which are given on a first come first serve basis. But there are about 1500 to 2000 people living on the streets of the city year round who simply can't find a shelter with room! Or course they are dirty, smelly, cold, hungry and needy... You would be too if you were living in back alley ways with one outfit and no where to shower for weeks or months at a time! Why would you hold it against them? Common sense says if you don't want to have them in the system or have them on the corner begging you need to help them get out of the situation they are in.

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