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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I will NOT sign the petition for Caylee's Law

   All around the country people are jumping on board to sign this petition to create a law that will require, under penalty of law, parents or care takers to report missing children immediately. I have been "invited" to sign this quite a few times now, and I have not, and will not do it! I think many of the people who do, simply aren't thinking about it first. I feel they are signing because they are upset over the outcome of the Casey Anthony Trial, instead of out of actual consideration of this law.

    I think first it's important to remember that there is a BIG difference between what should be basic common sense and what should be made in to law. There are lots of things which people may consider to be simply dumb, which shouldn't be illegal. That's part of the beauty of living in a "free country." We have the freedom to be dumb when we choose!

    I think also there is a huge difference between legal and moral! Just because something seems to be immoral according to YOUR beliefs or feelings, doesn't mean it should be illegal. Again, part of being in a free country is having the freedom to make choices which others may not agree with.

   I also think it's dumb to make up laws over every single little thing. I mean, when did we become the kind of society that had this need to tell everyone how to live? I am one of the most opinionated people I know, and I, obviously, believe my opinions to be the correct ones. BUT, I also understand that there are other opinions out there, and even when I believe those opinions to be wrong, I don't feel it's my place to decide that because I don't agree with them others shouldn't be entitled to them. And this idea that we need to literally dictate every choice people, especially parents, do boggles my mind! Should we next require people to call the police every time they see a home w/o "baby proofing" or a car seat they don't like? What about reporting families that feed their kids processed foods or fast foods? By some people's standards all of those things seem to be life or death. But every parent/person needs to be free to make their own choices - even when they aren't good choices.

    Also, it's worth noting that in this specific case, the proposed law can create as much danger as it can prevent. Sure, there are those who will call police sooner in order to prevent legal trouble. But the majority will not. I mean, think about this case for example - IF she killed her daughter as everyone thinks, she is already guilty of murder, do you think the charge of not calling the police matters at that point? So what's it really going to do? It's going to create more lies, more deceit and more police heading in the wrong direction... Not to mention people will simply put more time and planning in to things so they can report it and still make sure the body is gone... OR, simply they will lie about how long the child's been gone. Lets face it - Criminals are NOT the most trustworthy people!

    Then there are kidnappings to take in to account. In MOST kidnapping cases it is best to notify police, but what about those where it's not? Should we have a law in place that requires parents to make choices which could end their child's life? Do you want to be the parent that has to call police to protect yourself knowing it could mean someone will kill your child? I don't! Of course I don't want to be in the position which means I may have to make that choice, but seriously, I wouldn't want to even think about what parents who have to choose between calling police to save themselves or not calling police and saving their child... How do you do that?

    I understand the drive behind laws like this. I really do. People nationwide feel there was an injustice done here. And I don't totally disagree. But I feel if we make laws about every injustice we see, if we make laws about every act we deem immoral or dumb, if we make laws about everything we don't agree with, we not only limit the freedom of others, but delete our own.

    Instead of focusing on making blanket laws or limiting freedoms of others, we should be focusing on making changes in our communities. There have always been those who ignored the laws of the land and did what they chose, and no measure of community is going to change that fact. But the majority of those in prison right now aren't there for cereal murder, rape or some other horrid crime. The majority of those who are there are there for small crimes - drug use, prostitution, or wrong place wrong time... And a great many of those "crimes" come out of two facts - 1. Lack of choices & 2. Abundance of irrelevant and unnecessary laws.

    Which brings me to the question, what is the purpose of laws in the first place? Well, many people are going to say there are so many kinds of laws how can you generalize. But the truth of the matter is that laws are meant to do two things - 1. Protect the General Population and 2. Protect the Stability of this Country. Mostly what that means is laws are meant to protect the people and the country as a whole from collapse. They aren't meant to protect individuals from themselves! And continuing to make laws which are there for that reason only limits the freedoms of everyone!

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