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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VENT: You're a parent now!

Do you remember those commercials that said "Having a Baby Changes Everything?" Guess what genius, it's true! I just answered a question on Cafemom about "Do you think Formula v. Breast is a Personal Choice?" To which I answered honestly - "No. I think if you CAN breastfeed, you should." I'm not of the "Formula is Poison" breed, but I believe formula should only be used when the breast is either not a healthy option (in cases of communicable illnesses or medications) or where for physical reasons it's simply not possible. This attitude of "I'm not comfortable" really blows my mind. I mean, you feel it's better to feed your infant chemically filled formula than dealing with your own insecurities and giving them what's best... What they hell? If you're not willing to set your feelings and wants aside while your child is an infant and 100% dependent on you, you're going to have a LONG hard road ahead of you when your child starts to do and think for themselves...  Get a grip - stop being so selfish - do what's best for your child and stop focusing on your for a second! That's what being a parent is all about!

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