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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stop the Hover Parenting!

When I was young kids didn't police everything. Their kids went to school, ate lunch there, made friends there, rode their bike with their friends, watched tv, got up Saturday morning w/o their parents... yadda yadda...

Today, it's like parents have to have monitors on their kids at all times. They tell their kids who they can talk to, what they can watch, what they can read, even what radio they can hear... Really? Do kids need to be kept in a bubble now a days?

Why? Was your young life so horrid that you feel any freedom with for your kid is going to corrupt them? I feel like every choice I make for my kids has to be defended.

Yes, I let my kids watch TV, I don't limit their time, they don't need me to.
Yes, I let them watch Family Guy, Simpsons & whatever else they want to. Not everything needs to be educational.
Yes, I let my kids play outside when they want by themselves. They know the rules and follow them or face consequences.
Yes, I give my kids soda and candy once in a while, they don't need to be denied junk to learn proper nutrition.
Yes, I spank, cause I believe it works.
Yes, my boys have dolls & painted nails - they like them!
No, I don't make my kids wear helmets, we never did and we're just fine.
No, my 4ft tall 5yo is not using a booster seat. It doesn't fit in the car and he fits just fine without it.

Do I need to keep going... Kids are not breakable! We don't need to control their every thought to keep them safe, happy & healthy! If you don't like it, tough! Take the stick out your ass and realize that children aren't in danger if they think for themselves!

You don't need to pad them, pat them down, monitor their every thought or feeling... And guess what, they will turn out just fine!

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