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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lets repeal anti-discrimination laws!

I have come to the conclusion that they should repeal all anti-discrimination laws! Yes, I just said that. I am the type of person who would prefer to support my fellow American over some foreign company. But here's the thing. I have lately been thinking about WHO it is that I'm actually supporting.

Recently on FaceBook a woman stated that she was having an estate sale, but she would not sell to LGBT, Muslims or Illegal Aliens. Many people reported the post/page as discriminatory and offensive. But I felt like I wanted to thank the woman. I find the entire idea of Bigotry, Discrimination and Hatred to be completely disgusting. BUT, I feel as if as a customer, I should have the right to know who it is that I am supporting.

Generally I will shop in a small family owned business over a big corporation. But why? Well, for one, most large corporations are built on the backs of underpaid, overworked employees... For two I feel as if when I support a family owned business, I know that that family and not some overpaid CEO is making a paycheck. But, after I read this woman's ad it made me really consider if paying the little by and shopping "family owned" is really doing anything to make sure my money is going to people I would choose to support if I actually knew them. I would much rather walk in to a shop and see a sign that says "No Gays" or "Whites Only" than to unknowingly support a business or family who is going to use my hard earned money to support such views or organizations.

So I say, go right ahead - Hang your "I'm a bigot" sign and let me know who you are. Let me and my hard earned income walk right by your store and shop somewhere where I can know my money is supporting good, decent people... I would love to see it, how about you?

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