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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We all gotta die...

Does everyone realize that people all have to die some day? Or is that a foreign concept? This attitude of "I don't smoke cause smoking causes cancer" drives me nuts. Adults know that, but if they choose to smoke there isn't anything wrong with it! Cause guess what, cancer or not, everyone is going to die. And this idea that living in to old age is a great thing - yeah, apparently no one ever met an old person. Dementia, Alzheimer, Arthritis...  Pain, exhaustion, confusion... Yadda Yadda... I would prefer die early because I did something I enjoy than live a long life because I deny myself... Especially since old age is full of so many pitfalls, illnesses, worries and weaknesses...  So who cares if an ADULT makes choices that COULD cause eventually make them sick or kill them - they are adults, they know the possibilities of consequences and can make their own choices...

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