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Friday, June 17, 2011

Stop Killing Your Kids!

Okay, seriously, I just saw the second news story this week about a parent who didn't want their kids so they killed them. One child had been smashed by a brick, the other starved... Seriously, What the hell is wrong with you! If you don't want your children, think you can't raise them, can't afford them... There are legal ways to get rid of your kids, you don't have to hurt them! Puerto Rico and 49 States have safehaven laws that allow you to simply abandon your child without facing legal action! These laws are in place to stop this exact thing! So use them! Why would you prefer to go to prison for killing your child when you can simply give them up?

And hell, for that matter how is murdering a child that's here and kicking okay when you obviously weren't willing to abort. Did you just decide you didn't want her? I mean, did you look that beautiful child in the face and think "hmm, not good enough?" Cause if you knew all along that you didn't want her you had even more options - Abortion, Adoption, Open Adoption... But no, you're a stupid bitch and you thought it was better to kill your baby... Wow! Good for you MORON! You are officially the worst parent ever!

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