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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lies are lies... Even when they are "fun."

Caption reads: Dear Children, 
Some day you will learn the truth
about Santa. On that day,
remember what they told you about Jesus!
Wow, seriously I just want to slap some parents. You don't lie to your kids!!! There is simply NOTHING okay with that! Children learn what we show them. They see what we do, they hear what we say and they absorb it... Lying to children simply teaches them that it's okay to lie!

And guess what - Santa, Toothfairy, Easterbunny - if you're not being honest with your kids - YOU ARE LYING TO THEM!!!  This "they are fun so it's okay to lie" attitude makes me want to murder someone. If your child lied to you just for "fun" would that be okay? Something tells me it wouldn't. So why is it okay for you to do? There is absolutely no reason for holidays or special events to be less fun or less "magic" just because you're honest with them, so take that argument and throw it out the window!

So guess what... I have 3 children. One has no idea what Santa or the Easter bunny are... The other two, know they aren't real! And guess what, they were never upset, never let down, never felt cheated!! They still get gifts, they still get to enjoy their holidays and they still have "magic" in their lives. Hell, if anything they get it twice since they get Christmas AND Yule, Ostara AND Easter and of course because mom & dad pay well for teeth!

And yes, if you're reading this and you tell your kids all that crap, I'm talking to you when I say this:

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