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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tennis Balls In The Dryer

So I just got back from doing clothes. My dryer has been broken for ages so I am forced to do the laundromat thing - UGH!  While I'm there I see a woman drying her daughters bedding - Okay, it was Pink Barbie bedding, so I HOPE it was her daughters, but you never really know...  Anyways, she loads all the freshly washed bedding in to the dryer, turns the heat on to high and then tossed in 4 or 5 TENNIS BALLS! This practice is becoming more and more common as the price of fabric softener goes up and as people are trying to go more natural and use less chemicals. But, DO NOT USE TENNIS BALLS IN THE DRYER!!!  If you want to go the dryer ball route, awesome! You'll cut down on the chemicals your family is exposed to, prolong the life of your clothes (because fabric softener breaks down the fabric) and you'll be saving a small part of nature - good for you! BUT, dryer balls are meant to be used in the dryer - Tennis balls are NOT. Tennis balls have HUGE amounts of lead in them and using them in the dryer releases that lead on to your laundry... Drying children's bedding and clothing with Tennis Balls increases your child's exposure to lead which causes everything from mild hallucinations to full on medical conditions...  So, do yourself, your kids and your pets a HUGE favor, don't risk their health so you can save a few dollars... Spend the extra $2 on actual Dryer Balls OR Make Your Own!

I will ALWAYS encourage green living! But don't do it at the risk of your loved ones!

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