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Friday, April 8, 2011

Planned Parenthood Cuts

Okay, this should be a short one. But it angers me that Republicans are even considering, let alone pushing for funding to Planned Parenthood to be cut. To me it shows exactly how Republican's really feel about America. If you aren't rich and beautiful you don't deserve to be here.

Planned Parenthood provides basic healthcare, parenting classes, birth-control, mammograms, OB/GYN services and other things for millions of low income or impoverished women across the country. Denying them that simply because 6% of their business is providing abortions is simply disgusting!

We are talking about an increase of death from birth-defects, disease, infection and even cancer simply because women no longer have access to healthcare in low income areas. Unwanted pregnancies, HIV & AIDS cases will increase, resulting in more people on disability and welfare. And lets face it, if half of those women who can't afford Birth-control and end up pregnant have to try and pay for their delivery out of pocket, we're looking at more homeless women and children too...

I know it's hard to get through some people's heads, but Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization! Unfortunately Anti-Choice groups would have you believe PP is out there with the sole purpose of killing every child the US sees...

So here's what I have to say, if it comes down to cutting Planned Parenthood and a Government Shutdown - SHUT IT DOWN BABY! The millions of women in this country that depend on PP need that funding way to much! No one has ever ended up with HIV, an unplanned pregnancy or a Birth Defect simply because of a Government Shutdown - PP shut down on the other hand places WAY to many at risk!

Educate yourself about the roll that PP plays and the funding needed. And do what you can to support them! Make it known that women are important!

Planned Parenthood Official Site
Women's Health At Risk: Support Planned Parenthood
Take Action: A Letter to Congress

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