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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Hookers" Killed in Long Island?

I'm a big fan of the news. I usually watch it at least twice sometimes three times a day plus Good Morning America. So of course I've been following the serial killer case as it unfolds in Long Island. So far there have been at least 9 (although I'm hearing a 10th is possible) women found along a secluded beech. Autopsy reports are saying asphyxiation, and some of the bodies have been dismembered. What these women seem to have gone through is disturbing and disgusting.

But what I am finding to be even more disgusting than what this monster did to them, is what the media is doing to them. I am so tired of hearing the word Hooker! It seems as if in every report I'm hearing they are being labeled hookers as if it were a title. Instead of it being this poor woman was found it's "Hooker So-and-so's body was found today."

I do understand that many people (although not me) see Escorts as a lower class of person or as criminals. But frankly I don't see how any of that should matter. These women aren't the ones in the wrong here, they didn't ask to be murdered and dumped. They simply wanted to live their lives and move on. Yet some creature of the night took advantage of that "low status" in our society, attacked them, killed them and walked away! HE (or she) is the one in the wrong here, the one who warrants our anger and hatred. These women were someone's sister, daughter, aunt, friend, etc.

So I have to say that I am completely appalled at the use of the word "Hooker" preceding each of their names or even simply referring to them as an "unidentified hooker" as if they were less than your average woman. These women deserve just as much respect and honor as any other woman would get. And it sickens me that we live in a society that is so quick to blame the victim. Sure, they aren't saying "Well, they deserved it cause they're hookers" but that is surely how they are presenting it. As if their occupation is high risk so it's not quite the big deal it would have been otherwise. Sickening! Truly sickening!

So, here is my message for the popular media:
These are WOMEN first!
Murder VICTIMS second!
Sex Workers LAST!
Stop saying Hookers as if it were a title!

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